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Avia Plot 3300 m2
Kardamili, Lefktro-Kardamyli Plot 1502.8 m2
Kalogria, Lefktro-Kardamyli Plot 1000 m2
Achladochori, Petalidi Plot 56000 m2
Agia Triada, Midea Plot 2630 m2
Mikro Amoni, Solygeia Plot 1030 m2
Agios Dimitrios, Lefktro-Kardamyli Plot 1759.43 m2
Methoni Plot 3662 m2
Kalamaki, Petalidi Plot 3268.7 m2
Achladochori, Petalidi Plot 4027.4 m2
Tyros, Apollonas Plot 3494 m2
Sampatiki, Leonidio Plot 3035 m2
Nea Tiryntha Plot 1277 m2
Aria, Nafplio Plot 1025 m2
Platsa, Lefktro-Kardamyli Plot 2200 m2
Mikro Amoni, Solygeia Plot 1858 m2
Mikro Amoni, Solygeia Plot 1019 m2
Mikro Amoni, Solygeia Plot 1015 m2
Xiropigado, North Kynouria Plot 2000 m2
Mikro Amoni, Solygeia Plot 1084 m2
Kosta, Kranidi Plot 1157.22 m2
Pirgos, Lefktro-Kardamyli Plot 3000 m2
Pirgos, Lefktro-Kardamyli Messinia (Greece)
Rigklia, Lefktro-Kardamyli Plot 1050 m2
Rigklia, Lefktro-Kardamyli Messinia (Greece)
Kosta, Kranidi Plot 1080 m2
Neo Roeino, Nea Tiryntha Plot 3940 m2
Ira, Argos Plot 1260 m2
Mikro Amoni, Solygeia Plot 1030 m2
Tyros, Apollonas Plot 1000 m2
Mikro Amoni, Solygeia Plot 1066 m2
Tirintha, Nea Tiryntha Plot 1000 m2
Karavostasi, Oitylo Plot 1648 m2
Karavostasi, Oitylo Lakonia (Greece)
Rigklia, Lefktro-Kardamyli Plot 1500 m2
Rigklia, Lefktro-Kardamyli Messinia (Greece)
Gytheio Plot 2000 m2
Gytheio Lakonia (Greece)
Mikro Amoni, Solygeia Plot 1065 m2
Mikro Amoni, Solygeia Plot 1034 m2
Mikro Amoni, Solygeia Plot 1057 m2
Mikro Amoni, Solygeia Korinthia (Greece)
Karavostasi, Oitylo Plot 1500 m2
Kosta, Kranidi Plot 1024 m2
Pirgella, Argos Plot 1000 m2
Archaia Epidavros, Epidavros Plot 1900 m2
Kiveri, Lerna Plot 1423 m2
Nafplio Plot 1000 m2
Neo Oitilo, Oitylo Plot 4000 m2
Dalamanara, Argos Plot 17000 m2
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