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Messini Plot 500 m2
Drepano, Asini Plot 584 m2
Nafplio Plot 402 m2
Nafplio Plot 432 m2
Kantia, Asini Plot 556 m2
Ag. Triada, Kalamata Plot 200 m2
Stoupa, Lefktro-Kardamyli Plot 434.32 m2
Dalamanara, Argos Plot 454 m2
Nafplio Plot 255 m2
Center, Argos Plot 509 m2
Nafplio Plot 180 m2
Nafplio Plot 145.55 m2
Argos Plot 153 m2
Neochori, Lefktro-Kardamyli Plot 450 m2
Platsa, Lefktro-Kardamyli Plot 120 m2
Platsa, Lefktro-Kardamyli Messinia (Greece)
Nafplio Plot 541 m2
Nafplio Plot 250 m2
Nafplio Plot 424.03 m2
Drepano, Asini Plot 500 m2
Nea Kios Plot 346 m2
Nafplio Plot 467 m2
Vivari, Asini Plot 200 m2
Nafplio Plot 255 m2
Xiropigado, North Kynouria Plot 542 m2
Nafplio Plot 65.66 m2
Old town of Nafplio, Nafplio Argolis (Greece)
Aria, Nafplio Plot 405 m2
Sampatiki, Leonidio Plot 500 m2
Kantia, Asini Plot 400 m2
Vivari, Asini Plot 231 m2
Myloi, Lerna Plot 454.45 m2
Kantia, Asini Plot 465.8 m2
Agia Kiriaki, Nafplio Plot 200 m2
Elefsina Plot 517 m2
Elefsina West Attica (Greece)
Elefsina Plot 267.5 m2
Elefsina West Attica (Greece)
Elefsina Plot 248.5 m2
Elefsina West Attica (Greece)
Agios Adrianos, Nea Tiryntha Plot 550 m2
Agios Adrianos, Nea Tiryntha Argolis (Greece)
Nea Epidavros, Epidavros Plot 360 m2
Pirgella, Argos Plot 520 m2
Epano Epidavros, Epidavros Plot 420 m2
Center, Argos Plot 144.48 m2
Nafplio Plot 446 m2
Epano Epidavros, Epidavros Plot 420 m2
Epano Epidavros, Epidavros Plot 420 m2
Lefkakia, Nafplio Plot 500 m2
Lefkakia, Nafplio Plot 550 m2
Kentro, Asini Plot 450 m2
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