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Ermioni Agricultural Land  9500 m2
Petrothalassa, Kranidi Agricultural Land  5600 m2
Nea Kios Agricultural Land  7196 m2
Dalamanara, Argos Plot 1207 m2
Dalamanara, Argos Plot 600 m2
Nafplio Retail Shop 100 m2
Nafplio Apartment 125.33 m2
Nafplio Apartment 89.2 m2
Nafplio Apartment 56.35 m2
Kalamata Detached house 300 m2
Nafplio Floor Apartment 63 m2
Nafplio Floor Apartment 72 m2
Drepano, Asini Detached house 77 m2
Nafplio Detached house 92 m2
Messini Detached house 55 m2
Kalamata Office 95 m2
Agia Triada, Midea Retail Shop 70 m2
Archaia Epidavros, Epidavros Detached house 246 m2
Argos Agricultural Land  4988 m2
Salanti, Kranidi Detached house 148 m2
Tyros, Apollonas Detached house 140 m2
Mikro Amoni, Solygeia Maisonette 126 m2
Kantia, Asini Hotel 690 m2
Kantia, Asini Argolis (Greece)
Ermioni Maisonette 105 m2
Messini Apartment 110 m2
Paralio Astros, North Kynouria Apartment 39 m2
Paralio Astros, North Kynouria Other properties 426 m2
Aria, Nafplio Floor Apartment 87 m2
Agios Nikolaos, Lefktro-Kardamyli Agricultural Land  10690 m2
Avia Agricultural Land  12087 m2
Agia Paraskevi, Asini Detached house 110 m2
Dalamanara, Argos Commercial Property 8000 m2
Kentro, Asini Floor Apartment 57 m2
Kyparissia Agricultural Land  10712 m2
Laloukas, Argos Agricultural Land  11000 m2
Laloukas, Argos Agricultural Land  9000 m2
Argos Floor Apartment 104 m2
Nafplio Apartment 75 m2
Portocheli, Kranidi Plot 300 m2
Nafplio Apartment 62 m2
Drepano, Asini Apartment 109 m2
Kouverta, Ermioni Detached house 270 m2
Giannitsanika, Kalamata Detached house 500 m2
Aipeia Detached house 115 m2
Kouverta, Ermioni Detached house 125 m2
Nafplio Apartment 119 m2
Portocheli, Kranidi Detached house 231.3 m2
Aipeia Detached house 169 m2
Nafplio Apartment 240 m2
Nafplio Apartment 183 m2
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