Mikri Mantineia
The popular tourist resort.
The picturesque village of Mikri Mantineia is located 11 kilometers from Kalamata, at an altitude of 110 meters, has 615 permanent residents and is one of the first settlements of Messinian Mani.

Together with the beach of Verga and Almyros they create a spectacular beach that reaches 7 kilometers in length, paved with the characteristic white pebbles and overlooking the green Taygetos.

Also, the view of the city of Kalamata is enchanting, especially during the evening hours, where its lights reflect on the waters and create a beautiful scenery. It is a popular tourist resort with hotels, rooms for rent, newly built villas, cafes, taverns and beach bars.

When someone is in the village it is worth visiting the Tower of Kapetanakis, the watermill on the river as well as the two churches of Agios Nikolaos and Agios Spyridon with the unique wood-carved iconostasis.

The area of Mikri Mantineia is ideal for a permanent residence as it is very close to the urban fabric as well as a holiday home due to the fact that it is built amphitheatrically and offers unobstructed sea and mountain views, as well as easy access to the beach. It is also offered as an ideal spot for short or long excursions in the picturesque and wild beauty of Mani.


Permanent Residents: 615

Athens Airport: 273km

Kalamata Airport: 17km


Hospital: 19 km (Kalamata)

Basic needs stores

Bank: 11 km (Kalamata)

Vacation house

Permanent residence

Country house


Real estate market

Interesting properties in the area of Mikri Mantineia are the single-family houses and villas with easy access to the sea and unobstructed views, which are offered in addition to permanent and summer residences and as investment opportunities.

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