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Midea Plot 600 m2
Midea Plot 900 m2
Dalamanara, Argos Agricultural Land  6000 m2
Dalamanara, Argos Agricultural Land  3000 m2
Tirintha, Nea Tiryntha Plot 410 m2
Kiveri, Lerna Plot 215 m2
Tirintha, Nea Tiryntha Agricultural Land  3900 m2
Center, Argos Plot 427 m2
Pirgiotika, Nafplio Agricultural Land  10000 m2
Argos Plot 500 m2
Agios Adrianos, Nea Tiryntha Plot 517 m2
Nea Tiryntha Plot 461 m2
Nea Kios Plot 7200 m2
Argos Plot 318 m2
Tirintha, Nea Tiryntha Plot 850 m2
Nea Tiryntha Plot 10000 m2
Nea Tiryntha Argolis (Greece)
Xiropigado, North Kynouria Agricultural Land  4000 m2
Drepano, Asini Plot 500 m2
Argos Plot 2400 m2
Argos Argolis (Greece)
Nafplio Plot 600 m2
Midea Agricultural Land  2800 m2
Dalamanara, Argos Plot 800 m2
Agia Paraskevi, Asini Agricultural Land  5100 m2
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