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Dalamanara, Argos Plot 600 m2
Portocheli, Kranidi Plot 300 m2
Nomitsis, Lefktro-Kardamyli Plot 155 m2
Nomitsis, Lefktro-Kardamyli Plot 350 m2
Agia Kiriaki, Nafplio Plot 503.31 m2
Platanitis, Midea Plot 4070 m2
Nafplio Plot 257 m2
Messini Plot 513.7 m2
Tolo, Asini Plot 1250 m2
Pirgella, Argos Plot 3947 m2
Exostis, Nafplio Plot 1000 m2
Kalamata Plot 543.7 m2
Agia Kiriaki, Nafplio Plot 540 m2
Nafplio Plot 520 m2
Nafplio Plot 780 m2
Exostis, Nafplio Plot 875.39 m2
Messini Plot 403 m2
Messini Plot 5500 m2
Stoupa, Lefktro-Kardamyli Plot 494.79 m2
Iria, Asini Plot 607 m2
Dalamanara, Argos Plot 2890 m2
Koroni Plot 1256.46 m2
Messini Plot 200 m2
Exostis, Nafplio Plot 518 m2
Exostis, Nafplio Plot 1789 m2
Agios Nikolaos, Lefktro-Kardamyli Plot 198 m2
Rigklia, Lefktro-Kardamyli Plot 387 m2
Chranoi, Aipeia Plot 6169.69 m2
Mathia, Petalidi Plot 1409.4 m2
Anthoupoli, Kalamata Plot 172 m2
Velika, Messini Plot 7020 m2
Arkadiko Chorio, North Kynouria Plot 435 m2
Rigklia, Lefktro-Kardamyli Plot 360 m2
Dalamanara, Argos Plot 884 m2
Nafplio Plot 607 m2
Messini Plot 812 m2
Messini Plot 883 m2
Kyparissia Plot 7112 m2
Avia Plot 2736.2 m2
Messini Plot 480 m2
Agios Nikolaos, Lefktro-Kardamyli Plot 1489.09 m2
Lefktro-Kardamyli Plot 6300 m2
Lefktro-Kardamyli Plot 961 m2
Lefktro-Kardamyli Plot 4976.05 m2
Agios Nikolaos, Lefktro-Kardamyli Plot 582 m2
Perivolakia, Kalamata Plot 5632 m2
Agios Adrianos, Nea Tiryntha Plot 727 m2
Mikro Amoni, Solygeia Plot 1015 m2
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