Legal coverage
All real estate transactions are subject to an established legal framework. Our office cooperates with experienced and trusted legal advisors, who are always willing to answer, in a straightforward and truthful manner, any questions you may have about your transactions.

The presence of a lawyer and notary during the process of a purchase, sale or any other similar real estate transaction qualifies by the law as optional.
For this reason we recommend a full legal coverage and protection by lawyers experienced specifically in the field of the real estate market during any transaction on this matter. This way, all parties of the transaction can rest assured that their interests and rights are safe.

PROPERTY TITLE INSPECTION is a procedure through which we can ensure that a certain property is lawfully owned by a person. This inspection goes back in time up to 40 years and checks the possible existence of a mortgage, a seizure or any other claim made upon the property in question from a person, legal entity or state. Our legal advisors will also inspect any possible problem caused in the case of an inherited real estate property. Finally, and in the case of a property involving any kind of commercial activities, we will be sure to inspect the case of a possible factor hindering the transaction (i.e. bankruptcy e.t.c.)

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