A place gifted by nature with a unique beauty and charm. A place glorified from time immemorial. In the earth of Argolis flourished the Mycenaean civilization that left a legacy of insurmountable creations, which travel through the centuries, revealing the splendor of the ancient Greek spirit.
The county of Argolida, situated in the eastern Peloponnese, bordering northwest with the area of Corinth, west with the prefecture of Arcadia, and to the south and east with the Saronic Gulf. The surrounded mountains and valleys give the feeling of protection from any risk while the Argolic Gulf with the sea breeze joins the green of orchards and creates landscapes of a unique aesthetic. All in all you can be sure that the acquaintance with Argolida holds many pleasant surprises.


The ancient Greek city. A city with a history of five millennia! A city that boasts a glorious history and a dynamic presence in Greece. It is built on the roots of Larissa hill, below the imposing castle, which protected the city and strengthened its defenses in all historical periods. Its geographical location, within the limits of one of the most fertile plains of the country and its proximity to major roads connecting the northern Peloponnese, the Aegean and the Mediterranean, favored the continuous habitation of the city.


The always charming first capital of the Greek state, is at the heart of the traveler's interest. The peculiarity of Nafplio is that it attracts thousands of visitors all throughout the year. That's because the options offered meet all tastes and is weatherproof. A few kilometers from the city, one can find wonderful beaches and fishing villages, that have become cosmopolitan tourist resorts (Tolo, Vivari, Assini, Nea Kios Porto Heli, etc.). Also, starting from Nafplion you can easily reach all the archaeological sites of the region of Argolis (Mycenae, Epidaurus, etc.) and enjoy these routes that pass through the mountainous and coastal areas. While the tour of the city of Nafplio, reveals the different aspects of a multifaceted city. Bourtzi, Syntagma Square, the old neighborhoods, Akronafplia, are some of your must-see stations, during a walk in Nafplion that will let you and the beating heart of this vibrant city.


The image of Epidaurus gives a deeper meaning to the word majestic. The small natural harbor surrounded by greenery and the famous theater of Epidaurus, a certified World Heritage Monument by UNESCO compose the splendor of the region. During the summer you have the opportunity to watch the remarkable performances of the Epidaurus Theater Festival.


The matrix of the Mycenaean civilization, with the remnants of the great civilization (Acropolis, Lions Gate, Palace of Mycenae Mycenaean tombs, etc.) attracts thousands of visitors every year. This is the place that accomodated Agamemnon, Clytemnestra, Orestes, and all the Atreides and many other heroes of Homer and the protagonists in tragedies of Aeschylus.
Argolida is a place that has everything. Its close proximity to Athens, less than two hours, good roads and regular bus routes, make Argolida one of the most popular tourist destination in Greece and not only.
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