Our company
Skouras Real Estate is a dynamic and technologically sound real estate company. Our office is in Nafplio and we work in Argolis, on all types of properties, and also in the coastal areas of the Peloponnese, like Messenia, Laconia, Argolis, Arcadia and Corinth, on vacation/touristic properties.

In 2005 it was founded as a family business, offering its services on a local level, and in time developed into a new generation real estate company, comprised by educated realtors with international certifications and offering complete and reliable services.

In 2019 received the first prize by ΕΠΠΑ-BPOR (Association of Certified Brokers of Greece) on a national scale for attracting foreign investors/buyers.

Skouras Real Estate consists of an educated team including
• Certified realtors
• Real estate evaluator/appraiser,
• Legal advisors,
• Civil engineers,
• Property manager
and can provide quality services to Greek and foreign clients.

Today, the company represents more than 1.300 real estate properties and during the last years more that 80% of the company’s contracts have been with foreign clients.

Skouras Real Estate is a member of the Association of the Athens – Attica region civil contract realtors, the Association of Greek Real Estate Agents, EPPA and has also created a network of collaborating agencies in various countries, among which France, the U.K., Germany, Holland, Belgium, Russia, Israel and Lebanon.

Based on technology and constant education, we excel in our clients’ preference. The excellent knowledge of our region makes us capable of providing complete services, no matter how complicated or simple your needs may be.
Some of the elements that define us are honesty, morality and passion for real estate.

In an ever-changing market, the development of our company is its moving power.

For Skouras Real Estate each client is unique. We create relations based on trust, making your wishes come true.

We are always by your side,
Your partners,
Skouras Real Estate Team

Skouras Real Estate Agency is an active member of the following Associations and Organisations:
ΣΜΑΣΑΑ( Association of Athens – Attica region civil contract realtors)
This is the only official professional union in Athens, with about 3.000 subscribed members. The goal of this association is to study, protect and promote the ethical ,inellectual, financial and, most important, professional interests of the subscribed realtors, through their connection, cooperation and solidarity.

EPPA-BPOR (Association of Certified Brokers of Greece)
The members of EPPA are experienced and educated brokers, offering certified real esate appraisals.

ICREA (International Consortium of Real Estate Associations)
This is a global consortium of pioneer real estate associations, dedicated to the right to own and transfer a real estate property. ICREA sets a global standard in terms of real estate transactions and its members are all highly professionals.

S.E.K (Association of Greek Real Estate Agents)
This is the only professional real estate organization setting a very high standard in terms of the subscription of a member. This association covers the entire country and is the only professional real estate body in Greece, recognized by the European Real Estate Agents’ Confederation.

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