The cultural capital of Messinia.

The city of Messina or else Island is located on the right side of the Pamisos river at the bottom of the Messinian plain, the Homeric "Makar pedion" or "Blessing", as it is still called today.

It is 10 kilometers from Kalamata and it is home to approximately 6,000 permanent residents and is the seat of the Municipality of Messina.

The city became the muse of the writer Sotiris Patatzis who immortalized it as "Drunken State" in the novel of the same name, which describes much of the town's life in Interwar.

 Messina is a modern city, which can offer its visitor several alternative solutions in the area of accommodation, catering and entertainment.

The world-famous archaeological site of Ancient Messina is located near the village of Mavromati, in the embrace of green mountainsides that gently end in the Messinian plain. Its size corresponds to a normal city. 

The perfectly preserved theatre of Ancient Messina is one of the largest of which is the Stadium of Ancient Messina. Its size the first time you see it takes your breath away. At its edge is a restored small Doric temple. Equally Doric, and equally impressive, are the columns that embrace the stadium, forming the arcades of the ancient Gymnasium. The Stadium and Gymnasium are being restored, under the supervision of classical archeology professor Petros Themelis, and the work being done is, in the eyes of the average observer, impressive to say the least.

And modern Messina, however, has a lot to show us such as the Park, the fountains that move to musical rhythms as well as the famous Bouka beach, which has also been awarded a Blue Flag. It is one of the largest and most organized beaches in the area, it is an endless beach party every day, all day. Umbrellas and sunbeds are spread out on its fine, golden sand, but there is also a free section for those who do not wish to be organized on the beaches. It has deep water, crystal clear and always cool, because of the river that flows there. Many sports activities are offered there, in and out of the water, free of charge from the municipality.

The cultural life of the city is also intense as’ throughout the year. The Island Carnival is well-known, where bonfires are lit on Shrove Sunday, on Clean Monday in the morning the <<old woman Sykou>> and in the afternoon there is the big parade of the carnivalists.

Every year, on the 20th of September, the Great Messinian Festival takes place, which lasts 9 days. There we have the procession of the Miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, which starts from the catholicon of the Monastery of Vulkanos, next to the archaeological site of Ancient Messina, and is accompanied by believers for 20 kilometers during the night, until it reaches the monastery's stockade, in the temple of Zoodochos Pigi.

Messini has an intense night life with many bars and clubs, in the city and on the beaches, which entertain people throughout the year.

Due to the short distance from the city of Kalamata and the fact that it has a large market and services that cover all the needs of the modern family, it makes it an ideal place for a permanent as well as a holiday home.

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