4 Misconceptions about Real Estate
During our long time in the real estate business, we have come across several stereotypes & misconceptions about our profession. In this article we would like to talk about some of these misconceptions, in hope that it will help eliminate them.
1.    “All real estate agents are the same”

In every profession there are good professionals & bad ones.
Likewise, in the real estate industry there are people who work without following a code of ethics, people who do not have the necessary morals, means and skills, those who do not do their job properly. There are even those "wannabe realtors", with no training whatsoever, who tarnish the profession. Who should you choose?
Of course, those who have morals, the right training, and also an experienced, specialized team for your specific needs. Those who don't just try to sell fast, but strive to promote professionalism, qualified knowledge and proper marketing. Those who possess the experience and do not rest, but are constantly evolving.

2.     "The more the merrier"

The biggest mistake most people make is believing that by assigning their property to as many agents as possible, they will achieve the best possible results. At first thought, it sounds like the ideal solution for selling a property. However, this method only reduces the value of your property. Do you believe that seeing the same property multiple times on the same portal, from different agents is giving the right impression about your property? The buyer's first thought is that the owner is in a hurry to sell. The buyer will also think that it might be a problematic property and not an easy one to sell. What do you think will happen if the prospective buyer calls all the agents promoting the property? They will not get a proper image of the property nor will you get a correct idea of your property's interest in the current market. Differentiate yourself from this wrong tactic of the past and choose to work with the agency that ca offer you professionalism, as well as the best and widest marketing. One that has the experience and the know-how in order to maximize the value of your property.

3.    "Why should I pay a broker when I can use the internet"

Why do I need a broker since I can find the property I am interested in by myself or find the buyer myself. Nowadays, one can absolutely do all that, but think about this:
- Can you see the flaws in a property?
- Professional realtors know the market and the history of each property, do you?
- Professional realtors know how to negotiate, do you?
- Professional realtors reduce potential delays during a property transaction.
Working with a real estate agent does not just save you time, speeding up the procedure of a sale, but it also saves you money. How? If you are the owner, when working with a serious professional, you can secure the maximum selling price through specific methods. Promoting your property at the right price, helps you avoid losing customers and creating a negative reputation for your property. Also, how well can you negotiate, without letting your emotions take over or making hasty decisions? A professional real estate advisor is specifically trained in real estate negotiation techniques and based on his experience can act rationally and achieve the ideal result for you. Finally, completing a purchase or sale and preparing the final contract is not an easy task. Many times the process is time-consuming and the agreement can even fall through due to unforeseen reasons. An experienced, professional broker has the right knowledge and specific methods, proven to work, in order to coordinate all the involved parties, acting as a link among the various private & public professionals, as well as the seller and the buyer of the property.

4.    "The real estate fee is too expensive"

If you work with a professional real estate consultant rather than just any randomly chosen real estate agent, then you have a better chance of selling your property for more and faster than if you were to sell it yourself. According to NAR (National Association of Realtors), 48% of sellers who did not use a real estate agent, ended up selling their property for a lower price.

In conclusion, working with the right real estate agent for the purchase or sale of your property can only be beneficial to you. Just as you trust the respective specialized professional for different services you need in your daily life (e.g. accountant, engineer, lawyer, etc.) it is worth trusting a specialized professional for the sale or purchase of a property.

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