The entrance of Messinian Mani.

Avia is a set of settlements with the main ones being Archontiko, Paleochora, Akrogiali, and Megali Mantineia.

These are mostly seaside settlements and at their highest points they offer a magnificent view of the sea.

Par’ all the proximity to the sea, the mountainous features and the wild beauty prevail throughout the coastal zone, which is mainly rocky and salty. Elements that do not prevent Abia from being inhabited as’ the entire length of its coastal zone and to be an important tourist resort of Messinia. It has a total of 1,915 permanent residents and is located 12 kilometers from Kalamata.

Magnificent detached houses, stone houses surrounded by olive gardens, pebbly beaches and the famous Sandova beach, the only one with fine sand in the area, make up a unique landscape with many changes.

In the location where Paliochora is today, archaeologists and historians place the Homeric city of Iri, which Homer calls "poieessa", i.e. verdant and fertile.

The village of Megali Mantineia is amphitheatrically built at an altitude of about 200 meters with a magnificent view of the Messinian Gulf and stands out for its tower houses, examples of traditional architecture.

Southeast of the village, in the ravine of Sandova, there is the Shelter cave with a small opening at the entrance, where only one person can pass, which functioned as a shelter for the locals, during the period of raids by pirates and conquerors.

Hiking enthusiasts can also cross the Ridomou Gorge, 25 kilometers long, which is one of the most important gorges in Greece. The small settlement of Akrogyali is built at the foot of Taygetos in an area full of olive groves. It is an attractive tourist destination as it has plenty of accommodation, taverns, cafes and a mini market.

Very close is the beach of Kitria, with a family vibe, quiet emerald waters, pebbles and rocks. Here as’ throughout the year you can taste fresh fish from the local fishermen's boats.

A short distance from Kitries, climbing the mountain, one can come across the picturesque village of Dolos, which consists of the settlements of Ano and Kato Dolos. Built facing each other on two hills, they have the advantage of supervising the sea, remaining invisible from it.

From there the route takes you deeper into Messinian Mani with Kardamili and Stupa waiting to welcome you.


Permanent Residents: 1,915

Athens Airport: 275km

Kalamata Airport: 19km


Hospital: 22 km (Kalamata)

Basic needs stores

Bank: 12 km (Kalamata)

Vacation house

Permanent residence

Country house


Real estate market

The area of Avia has an abundance of properties on hillsides as well as by the seafront with direct access to the sea and in close proximity to the center of Kalamata.

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