A World of Scenic Beauty and Tradition in Arcadia.
The seaside settlement of Sabatiki is located between Leonidio and Tyre, along the Arcadian coastline. It has few permanent residents and is an interesting stop on your Arcadian Riviera trip.

This enchanting settlement represents the essence of the traditional and natural beauty of Arcadia, combining the picturesque of the coastal environment with the traditional atmosphere of the area.

The beautiful shores of Sabatiki offer an opportunity to rejuvenate and relax by the sea, while at the same time you can explore the traditional way of life and the local culture of the area.

Here, the calmness of the sea meets the warmth of the locals and creates a destination that combines the pleasure of the beach with the authenticity of the Greek countryside.

The characteristic of the settlement is its small, picturesque harbor.


Permanent Residents: 75

Athens Airport: 230km


Hospital: 80km (Tripoli)

Pharmacy: 12km (Tyros)

Stores of basic needs: 12km (Cheese)

Bank: 9 km (Leonidius)

ATM: 12km (Tyros)

Ideal for

Vacation house

Real estate market

As we mentioned for the other small villages in the area, Sambatiki is also an interesting destination for buying or building a country house, if what we want is a beautiful, but quiet environment.

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