Pera Melana
The hidden mansion of the Arcadian coastline.
Pera Melana is a picturesque settlement in the area of South Kynouria, between the bustling cities of Tire and Leonidio. This traditional settlement combines the enchanting beauty of the mountain and the sea with a very special, traditional character.

The white courtyards and stone houses in Pera Melana reflect the authenticity of the Arcadian land, creating a picturesque landscape that seems frozen in time. Here, the pace of life is slow and relaxed, and the residents welcome you with hospitality and smiles.

Pera Melana offers access to beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters that you can enjoy all summer long. It is the ideal place for those looking for tranquility, detoxification from everyday life and an in-depth contact with the wonderful nature and culture of Arcadia.

Pera Melana does not have direct access to the sea and the settlement consists of small, narrow streets, which are very picturesque, but make it difficult for vehicles to pass through.

Thanks to the location of the village, on the mountainside, almost all points of the settlement offer a magnificent view of the green landscape and the sea.

An ideal destination for contact with nature and the tradition of the region, suitable for those who want to live in Greece like locals and not like tourists.


Permanent Residents: 250

Athens Airport: 225km

Beach: 2km (Kissakas)

Hospital: 75km (Tripoli)

Pharmacy: 6 km (Tyros)

Basic needs shops: 6km (Cheese)

Bank: 13 km (Leonidius)

ATM: 6km (Tyros)

Ideal for

Vacation house


Real estate market

In Pera Melana we find old, stone houses, ideal for renovation projects. The unique feature of the village, thanks to its altitude, is the wonderful view towards the sea.

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