Mikro Amoni
An oasis a few kilometers from the center of Athens.

Mikro Amoni is a small, holiday settlement at the northernmost tip of the Peloponnese.

It was created by the "Building Cooperative of Bank Employees of Greece" (OSYTE) since the 60s. It has a developed road network and around 300 holiday homes have been built on it.

The settlement is mostly covered by pine trees and has access to three beaches: Fragolimano, Mikro Amoni and Megalo Amoni. In the central square of the settlement is the picturesque church of Agios Panteleimons, which is operated by the Association during the feast of the Saint and on major Christian holidays.

Undoubtedly, the dominant element in Mikro Amoni is nature. The site is completely covered by a green pine forest, which ends in picturesque coves with clear waters.

With the sole exception of one tavern, the area consists exclusively of country houses and has no shops at all. The needs for daily shopping and basic necessities are covered by the nearby village of Sofiko, which is about 20 minutes away by car.

Another peculiarity of the area, apart from the lack of shops, is the fact that a water supply network has not yet been created, so the residents serve their water supply needs with private tanks which are filled either with rainwater, or with water purchased by private individuals from water distribution companies.

Despite the small peculiarities, which should not prevent you from visiting and acquiring a property in the area, Mikro Amoni is an ideal place for those who want peace, isolation and contact with nature .


Permanent Residents: minimal

Athens Airport: 130km


Hospital: 35km (Corinth)

Basic needs shops: 11 km (Sofiko)

Bank: 35 km (Corinth)

ATM: 11 km (Sofiko)

Ideal for

Vacation house


Real estate market

Mikro Amoni is a destination for summer holidays. It is therefore logical that the properties that show interest here are holiday homes. However, the numerous plots overlooking the sea are also of interest, on which houses can be built for the purpose of renting.

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