The wild beauty of Mani.

Oitylo is a picturesque traditional settlement of Exo Mani.

It is located at an altitude of 237 meters, next to the road Kalamata - Areopolis and has a population of 219 inhabitants, according to the Census of 2011. It took its name from the mythical hero Oitylus, son of Amphianactus and according to Homer it was part of the kingdom of Menelaus.

Although Oitylo is mainly semi-mountainous, on the coast it becomes plain, to offer a wonderful beach synonymous with wild beauty.

On the coastline of the bay of Oitylos is the legendary Karavostasi, which is an excellent vacation spot.

Oitylo stands out for the picturesqueness and uniqueness of the landscape, for the remarkable Mania cuisine, but also for the warm hospitality of its inhabitants.

Characteristic of the area of Oitylos are the 67 traditional stone settlements that enchant the visitor. A visit to the castles of the area, to the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine churches with their amazing hagiographies, to the towers that have stood tall over the years, and a walk along the stone-built cobblestones and paths, will introduce you to the rich history of place.

The beaches of the bay are rocky and suitable for snorkelling, while the long sandy beach between Neo Oitylo and Karavostasi offers enjoyable swimming. An ideal starting point for hiking routes in the wild nature, the area has many hiking trails to and from Karavostasi, Mylolagado gorge, Kelefas castle, Panagia Spilaiotissa and the strong>Cape Tainaro.

At a distance of only 4 kilometers from Oitylo is Neo Oitylo built around a wonderful sandy beach with white pebbles which consists mainly of hotels, guesthouses and taverns.

Oitylo is of great speleological and scientific interest. The dozens of caves with the rich decoration ecstasy the visitor. There, the Diros caves are located, the most beautiful lake caves in the world, which are admired by thousands of visitors every year.

If you are looking for a secluded paradise for tranquility and contact with nature, or a destination with authentic Greek charm, then Oitylo is the perfect destination for you. Here, green nature meets island elegance, offering a unique experience to the visitor.

In Oitylo you will enjoy the sea and the sun on the sandy or pebbly beaches that invite you to swim in their waters.


Permanent Residents: 290

Athens Airport: 327km

Kalamata Airport: 81km


Hospital: 28 km (Gytheo)

Basic needs stores

Bank: 11 km. (Areopolis)

ATM: 11 km. (Areopolis)

Ideal for

Vacation house


Real estate market

In Oitylo, the interest moves exclusively to the acquisition of a country house for owner-occupation or even investment. The area is dominated by stone villas with a wonderful view of the sea and the wild beauty of Mani.

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