The most beautiful sunset of Messinia.

Kyparissia is a lively seaside town with all the advantages of the mountain.

It is located northwest of Kalamata and has approximately 5,700 permanent residents. It is built at the foot of Mount Aigaleo and stretches to the waves of the Ionian Sea. According to some, Kyparissia owes its name to the many cypress trees that surrounded it like forests at the dawn of its history, and according to others to Cyparissus, a good hunter and friend of the god of music and light, Apollo.

Its history is very long and goes hand in hand with that of the Peloponnese. Its beginning is lost in the depths of prehistory. Its imposing castle as well as the preserved settlement of Ano Poli with its stone-built mansions, cobblestones and fountains dominate the city and offer a magnificent view of the endless blue and warm crimson sunsets.

On the vast beaches of Kyparissia, with its deep blue waters, golden sand and white pebbles, one can enjoy moments of relaxation either at an organized beach bar, or at a deserted sand. It is also offered for excursions in the dense forests of the area, for diving in the waterfalls of the river Neda with its crystal clear waters and for hiking in the idyllic Gorge with the Stalactites, which takes its name from the cave in which it ends, and its stalactites.

In recent years, the tourist infrastructure in Kyparissia has seen a special development. Here one finds a wide range of hotels and rooms for rent for every preference. In Kyparissia, as in the entire prefecture of Messinia, you will find a rich traditional cuisine and many pure local products. The main agricultural products produced in Messinia are olives, grapes, raisins, figs, citrus fruits and fruit and vegetables. Some of the distinct flavors of the local cuisine are pastas, boiled goat, roasted piglet, and the unique for their taste and quality sausages smoked with sage.

Kyparissia has nothing to envy from the bigger cities, since it has a large market with shops for clothing, underwear, food and many other daily needs. In combination, with the existence of a hospital and private doctors of many specialties, the accommodation is ideal for all year round.


Permanent Residents: 5,763

Athens Airport: 275 km

Kalamata Airport: 60 km



Basic needs stores


Ideal for

Permanent residence

Vacation house


Real estate market

Kyparissia is ideal for a permanent residence and offers valuable proposals for both urban property and summer cottages. The urban fabric mainly offers apartments but also detached houses. In the wider area of Kyparissia, one can find luxurious detached houses and villas.

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