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Koroni is a coastal town located at the southwestern end of the Messinian Gulf at a distance of approximately 50 kilometers from Kalamata and a population of approximately 1,193 permanent residents.

It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful small Greek towns, giving you the feeling that you are on an island, since the picturesque settlement is amphitheatrically built, with the Venetian castle at the top and the sea at his feet. The castle of Koroni, which stands tall above the beautiful town, was built by the Venetians at the end of the 13th century on the ruins of a Byzantine fortress. It is one of the few that is still inhabited today and its inhabitants are hospitable people with love for their place. The imposing castle is an excellent example of Venetian fortification technique with massive gates, underground passages, solid walls and square towers.

Koroni has amazing beaches, shallow but also deeper, some with fine sand and others with pebbles as well as many traditional tavernas and restaurants where fresh fish is served daily. It has an increasingly developing tourist infrastructure with many hotels, rooms and villas for a peaceful and pleasant stay.

It is worth noting that Koroni is one of the 7 Emblematic Communities of UNESCO for the protection, preservation and promotion of the Mediterranean Diet. The choice of Koroni is not just by chance, as the region harmoniously combines the triptych of local food products - tradition - history.

Koroni, like the whole region, is rich in agricultural products, dominated by excellent quality olive oil and the Koroneiki olive. Near Koroni, the areas Kalamaki and Peroulia are of great interest with their wonderful sandy beaches and amazing views.


Permanent Residents: 1,193

Athens Airport: 303 km

Kalamata Airport: 43 km


Hospital: 47 km (Kalamata)

Basic needs stores

Bank: 40 km (Messina and Pylos)


Ideal for

Permanent residence

Vacation house


Real estate market

Here we offer an abundance of detached houses and luxury villas not only in Koroni but also in the surrounding areas such as Kalamaki and Peroulia. The interest of the buyers is intense for this particular area, obviously because of the view and the wonderful beaches. Tourist properties for exploitation are also of great interest. It is also suitable for permanent residence as the area has all the infrastructure to serve permanent residents.

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