The picturesque fishing village for beautiful family holidays.
The picturesque Petalidi is built near the site of the Homeric city of Aipeia, is in a beautiful location and has been developed touristically in recent years. It is a coastal town (with approximately 1000 permanent residents) at a distance of 13 kilometers from Messina and 28 kilometers from Kalamata.

It combines mountain, sea and plain. It is likely that Petalidi owes its name to the horseshoe shape of its coast. In the area of Petalidi, the archaeological dig brought to light a temple of the Roman era and baths of the same period, carved stones, marble columns, various inscriptions, as well as parts of statues.

Just in front of the small port of Petalidi is the small beach of the same name, where the visitor can enjoy swimming in the clear waters with the pebbly coast, 300 meters long. Above Petalidi is the Petalidi Castle, also known as Pera Castle or Leone Castle. In Petalidi, the visitor can see the Outdoor Archaeological Collection where finds from ancient Koroni are housed, as well as the Liar's Fountain, which is located at the southern end of the homonymous beach and is a reference point.

The houses that reach to the sea and the small creeks at the end of a rich Messinian vegetation, the shaded square with the impressive church, but also, nearby, Kalamaki with the nice beach, and always surrounded by lush vegetation, Chranoi and Episkopi, become destinations that extend the stay in Petalidi.

The area produces olives, olive oil, figs, citrus fruits, fruit and vegetables, raisins and wine, while it is suitable as a summer destination, since in recent years tourism has dominated the wider area as it is one of the most important tourist centers of Messinia and one can enjoy his holidays enjoying the beauties of the place and the facilities generously offered by the local businessmen.


Permanent Residents: 1,203

Athens Airport: 280 km

Kalamata Airport: 19 km


Hospital: 23 km (Kalamata)

Basic needs stores


Ideal for

Permanent residence

Vacation house


Real estate market

In the area of Petalidi there are mainly villas and detached houses that function as holiday homes as well as a few apartments within the settlement mainly for use during the summer months. The area is also suitable for permanent residence due to its autonomy and the short distance from the city of Messina.

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