The Secret Jewel of the Peloponnese.
At the edge of the Argolic Gulf, hidden among beautiful natural landscapes and with an eternal historical wealth, Tyros is one of the most magical destinations in the Peloponnese. The coastal picturesqueness of Tire combined with the deep blue beaches create an ideal environment for relaxing and peaceful moments.

It is a fairly large settlement that commercially serves all the surrounding smaller villages in the area. Here, one will find almost anything one needs and one can live comfortably all year round.

Tyros is divided into two settlements, Ano Tyros, which is located on the mountainside and overlooks the sea, and Tyros Beach, which is located a little lower, on the sea .

The central beach of Tyros, from which the entire picturesque district takes its name, stretches over two kilometers of beach, ideal for long walks in a pure island landscape. Along the beach, you will find cafes and taverns with tables right on the sea and you will see fishermen spreading their nets.

The place is ideal for older people and nature lovers, since it does not have a particularly lively nightlife. Here, history harmoniously coexists with modern lifestyle, giving its residents and visitors the opportunity to discover the authentic Greece.


Permanent Residents: 1,000 (Ano Tyros & Paralia)

Athens Airport: 216km


Hospital: 69km (Tripoli)

Basic needs stores

Bank: 18 km (Leonidius)



Ideal for

Permanent residence

Vacation house


Real estate market

Tyros, being the central settlement of the region with autonomy, attracts a large number of visitors. Here, properties are of interest for every possible purpose of use, such as a permanent, holiday home but also a purchase for the purpose of investing as a rental home.

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