Arkadiko Chorio
A Paradise of Natural Beauty.

Arkadiko village is a special settlement of Northern Kynouria.

Its construction began in the ’80s with the aim of reuniting local expatriates with Greece.

It consists mainly of cottages and at the most recent count there were only 35 permanent residents. The area is relatively isolated from the rest of the settlements, since it is located on a Peninsula, which makes it ideal for holidays in an idyllic landscape, away from the crowds.

The Arcadian village is a hidden peace in the arms of the countryside, a place where natural beauty and tradition meet authentic Greek hospitality. Located in a beautiful corner of Greece, it is a paradise for those looking for an escape from city life.

The traditional stone-built houses with ceramic roofs create an atmospheric landscape, which exudes calmness and peace.

If you are looking for an escape from the noise and stress of everyday life, the Arcadian village is the ideal destination.


Permanent Residents: 35

Athens Airport: 200km


Hospital: 47km (Nafplio)

Basic needs shops: 7km (Ag. Andreas)

Bank: 30km (Leonidius)

ATM: 7km (Ag. Andreas)

Pharmacy: 7km (St. Andreas)

Ideal for

Vacation house

Real estate market

The Arkadiko Chorio was built with the intention of providing holiday homes to Greek expatriates, so the only type of property we find here are detached holiday homes.

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