The jewel of Mani.

In the Peloponnesian land, one of the most enchanting crystal jewels, Limeni, is hidden

This fairytale village has the power to enchant not only the whole of Europe but also its visitors from every corner of the planet.

It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parts of Laconian Mani, but it can even stand out in the pan-Hellenic context. It is only 5 kilometers from the beautiful Areopolis and about 27 kilometers from the enchanting Gythio, near the settlement of Neos Oitylos. The stone houses of Limeni almost hug the crystal water, creating the feeling that they belong to the sea. Here, the houses follow the classical architecture of the area, they are all built of stone and exude a simple and authentic atmosphere. All this is combined with the crystal clear sea and wild landscapes, making Limeni a destination that highlights the beauty of nature and architecture. It is one of those places that leave an indelible impression, and its visitors discover the feeling of heaven on earth.

The beautiful Limeni is a seaside traditional settlement that challenges its visitors to explore. It is located at a distance of 5 kilometers from Areopolis and about 27 kilometers from Gythio and the visitor leaves there full of images and beautiful memories. A strip of paradise on earth with stone houses on the water.

Most of the beach in Limeni is rocky even in the sea, while if someone wants to find a long beach they can go to the long sandy beach between Neo Oitilo and Karavostasi. According to history, Limeni was the birthplace of the Mavromichalis family. Today, the four-story tower of Petrobei Mavromichalis has been restored and stands imposingly over the bay. In addition to the Palace of Petrobei and the beautiful landscapes, the visitor will also see picturesque churches such as the church of Agios Sostis.

Its cobbled streets, its stone mansions, its rocky beaches but above all its enchanting sunset make up the ultimate proposal for a holiday full of beautiful memories. The scenery is complemented by its restaurants with their very tasty proposals and the traditional taverns located right on the beach. It is the most famous summer resort of Eastern Mani, with many accommodations and stone houses on the sea.

There are no shops or services in Limeni as the authorities want to keep the picturesque character of the settlement alive and unchanged. If you want to cover your basic needs, you will find a gas station, health center, bank, supermarket, pharmacy or daily newspaper agency, only in the area of Areopolis.


Athens Airport: 324km

Kalamata Airport: 84km


Hospital: 23 km (Gytheo)

Bank: 5 km (Areopolis)

Ideal for

Vacation house


Real estate market

Limeni is suitable exclusively for a holiday home and tourist investment. The properties offered are mainly traditional stone houses and luxury villas.

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