Lakoniki Mani
The noblewoman of the Peloponnese.

The absolute characteristic of Laconian Mani is its wild landscape.

Stone dominates everywhere and the environment may seem inhospitable, but it is worth visiting. The steep cliffs lead to some of the most beautiful beaches you will encounter in the Peloponnese. In the picturesque village of Diros there is also the famous cave of the same name. It is a visitable cave located on the western coast of Laconian Mani in the Cove of Diros. Today the known length of the cave exceeds 15 kilometers. In 1970 the first underwater exploration took place. At one point of the cave, the depth reaches about 100 meters. Fossilized bones of panther, hyena, lion, deer, ferret and the largest concentration of hippopotamus bones in Europe have been found inside the cave.

Limeni is also a famous destination, which is a typical example of the beauty that Laconian Mani has to offer. The disadvantage that we should probably note about Laconian Mani is the fact that it is a bit cut off from urban centers with infrastructure and therefore it is not an ideal choice for a permanent residence for the general public.

Wherever you look in Laconian Mani you will see stone towers. It is the most characteristic feature of the area and is due, of course, to the excess stone reserves that we find in the land of Mani. And when the architecture of the stone towers is combined with luxurious elements, the results are enchanting and these properties are sure to be an excellent investment option for a country house with the purpose of owning or renting.

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