The impressive castle state.

Methoni is a beautiful picturesque town located at the southwestern tip of Peloponnese and Messinia.

It is one of the most historic areas of the Peloponnese, dominated by the well-preserved medieval castle – castle town with the high walls and the octagonal Bourtzi, and is one of the largest in the Mediterranean. The entrance to the castle is on its northern side, while a large moat separates it from the land. An impressive stone bridge with 14 arches is built between them! Within the walls of the castle, reference points are the Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior, the high granite stele also known as the Morosini stele, the built-in, carved, Venetian lions and the ruins of the Ottoman baths.

Methoni is 60 km from Kalamata and has 1,029 permanent residents. It is famous for the many tavernas and restaurants by the sea as well as for its beaches of incomparable beauty, either in Methoni or in close proximity to it. Just below the coastal road is the beautiful Methoni beach. It consists of small pebbles, and you can enjoy the sun and the sea while gazing at the wonderful view of the castle.

On the road from Methoni to Finikounta we come across two wonderful beaches. The first is Methoni Lamps which is paved with pebbles. The second is the Phoenix Lamps. It is a busy beach, paved with sand and crystal clear waters. Nearby are the beaches of Mavrovounios, Finikounda, Tsapi and Papa i Limna. All are characterized by clear blue, calm waters and golden sand.

Methoni is a pole of attraction for many tourists during the summer months but also as throughout the year. The tourism infrastructure of Methoni has developed significantly in recent years. Here, you will find a wide variety of hotels, guesthouses and rooms for rent for every preference, where you can enjoy a pleasant and comfortable stay. There are also many restaurants and taverns, where the visitor will have the opportunity to taste, among other things, the unique flavors of the traditional Messinian cuisine.

Methoni promises beautiful and relaxed holidays in its crystal clear waters, enchanting sunsets under the castle and delicious trips.


Permanent Residents: 1,193

Athens Airport: 314 km

Kalamata Airport: 54 km


Hospital: 58 km (Kalamata)

Basic needs stores

Bank: 11 km (Pylos)


Ideal for

Permanent residence

Vacation house


Real estate market

Of particular interest here are the ultra-luxurious villas in the area of Methoni and the surrounding areas such as Finiki. Homes that meet the needs of even the most demanding buyers.

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