The impressive city with the endless beach.

The capital and largest city of Messinia is Kalamata.

A lively city that exudes the scent of summer almost all year round without being suitable only as a summer destination, since it is equally wonderful at all times of the year.

The city of Kalamata together with the surrounding coastal areas of Verga and Avia are a point of attraction for many domestic and foreign tourists.

Built on the eastern side of Taygetos, today it has about 59,000 permanent inhabitants and is a modern city, which has managed to preserve the charm of the old manor city with its historic center and beautiful neoclassical houses, despite the rapid its development.

One of Kalamata's assets is its huge beach with clear blue and clear waters, which stretches along Navarinou Avenue and is one of the most beautiful spots for eating, walking, cycling and swimming in the summer but also in winter. A stroll through the historic center of Kalamata will bring to life images of the past and will enchant you with its beautiful pedestrian streets, Byzantine churches and impressive buildings.

The city has nothing to envy other bigger cities in Greece in terms of commerce, entertainment, infrastructure and artistic events. It is one of the most modern cities in Greece, with excellent urban planning but also intense educational and cultural activity. The city has a modern hospital, complete and state-of-the-art sports facilities, while technological and university education schools are located in the area.

The city's economy is mainly based on agricultural production, such as the production of olive oil, olives, figs, raisins and fruit and vegetables. In the area there are also several industries processing and standardizing agricultural products, but the unit of the tobacco industry Karelia is also important.

Tourism has also shown a rapid increase in recent years, since access to it is extremely easy, through a state-of-the-art highway as well as due to the airport, which serves international flights, mainly during the tourist season but also connection with Northern Greece. The city has an abundance of tourist accommodation, such as rooms for rent, hotels and luxurious villas.

In Kalamata as well as throughout Messinia one encounters many beautiful natural landscapes that offer unique experiences to lovers of hiking and mountaineering. There are many routes in the Taygetus region where one can hike or climb with varying degrees of difficulty. Along the Taygetus mountain range there are lakes, gorges and ravines, the most famous being the ravines of Kaskara, Byros and Lagada.

Kalamata is also suitable for lovers of marine activities, since there are many water sports that one can do in the area, such as swimming, water skiing, wind surfing, kite surfing, diving, fishing, sailing etc. For the more adventurous, the Messinian Gulf is one of the best places in Greece for a two-seater paragliding flight, with one of the highest take-offs in Greece.

However, such a city with a rich cultural heritage and countless experiences to live one could not disappoint lovers of good and quality food. Don't forget to visit the taverns in the area and try classic traditional flavors such as kokora kapama with thick spaghetti, pasto, pork with celery, the famous Kalamata olives, syglino, sausage, sfela cheese, nuts with local olive oil.

The high gastronomy restaurants also have an excellent position in Kalamata, some of which have been awarded at a pan-Hellenic and international level, where they use pure and local ingredients which elevate the flavors in beautifully presented dishes and combine wonderfully with the wines of the region.


Permanent Residents: 59,000

Kalamata Airport: 13km

Athens Airport: 270km



Basic needs stores



Ideal for

Permanent residence

Vacation house


Real estate market

The market of Kalamata in recent years in particular shows a rapid increase in demand for real estate. The demand mainly concerns urban properties, mostly apartments, either as permanent residences or as an investment proposition. Also of interest are the unique neoclassical buildings of the city as well as the luxurious single-family houses found a little further out, in Verga and Abia.

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