A paradise in Corinth.

Loutraki is a coastal settlement a few kilometers from the center of Corinth.

Located on the coastal road of the Gulf of Corinth, Loutraki is known for its unique coastline. Historical baths and thermal wells have made Loutraki a popular resort for centuries. Visitors can enjoy luxury tourism, enjoying the hotels, restaurants, and cafes on the promenade.

Also, at a distance of fifteen kilometers from Loutraki, you will discover the enchanting Lake of Vouliagmeni. Despite its name as a lake, it is actually a lagoon connected to the Corinthian Gulf by a narrow canal only six meters wide. Its salty waters, with their rapid deepening, are ideal for diving, while on its coast you will find a beautiful beach to relax. The beautiful Lake Vouliagmeni also offers an ideal access to nature, with hiking and cycling trails.

Although it is a seaside settlement, in Loutraki one can comfortably stay permanently, since it is a developed city with many permanent residents, shops and everything else one might need for a year-round stay. Loutraki is truly a paradise worth discovering. Whether you're looking for peace and relaxation, or adventure and action, this seaside town offers everything you need.


Permanent Residents: 11,500

Athens Airport: 110km


Hospital: 8 km (Corinth)

Basic needs stores



Ideal for

Permanent residence

Vacation house

Real estate market

In Loutraki, since it is a coastal settlement, one would think that there is mainly interest in holiday homes. Loutraki is a developed city that offers properties within the city or a little further out, available for permanent or country residence.

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