Air of a cosmopolitan island 2.30 hours from Athens.

Ermioni is a small but special settlement in the general area of Kranidi-Portohelio.

It is almost cut off from the rest of the areas, built on a peninsula, which gives visitors the impression that they are on an island and not just 2.30 hours from Athens by road.

At the end of the peninsula there is also a small, green forest that ends at the sea and adds even more beauty to the landscape. The low, white houses of the settlement are covered with red tiles and create a nice contrast with the blue that embraces them from two sides. The harbor is full of fishing boats as well as sailboats and along it you find numerous taverns with fresh fish and local recipes, cafes and neat bars on the beach.

The tour of Ermioni starts from the waterfront, after the beautiful, declared preserved, neighborhood of Mandrakia and ends at Bisti, the pine forest at the edge of the peninsula. Scattered in the forest are the remains of the Temple of Poseidon, from the 6th century BC, the old windmill from 1790, the ancient and medieval walls and the ancient porphyry where the famous Hermione's purple was secretly made which was exported all over the world.

The attractions of Hermione include the Historical and Folklore Museum which houses a traditional house from the 18th century, the Metropolitan Church of Taxiarches, which dates from the 17th century and is built on the site of an ancient temple of Chthonia Demeter, as and the Toy Museum with games from the ’50s and ’60s, but also from 1900.

The area hosts annual festivals and events and is a popular tourist destination due to its history, natural beauty and the variety of activities it offers. About 2,500 residents live permanently in Ermioni.

It is also worth visiting the beautiful beaches of the area such as Kouverta, Lepitsa, Petrothalassa, Dardiza, Lefkes, Maderi, Sendoni etc.

About 10 kilometers away from Ermioni, is Thermisia. a seaside village on the shores of a magnificent lake, which is separated from the sea by a narrow strip of sand a kilometer in length, and not more than 100 meters wide at its widest point. The green hills in the "Steriani" on its side is Alatovuni, a name it takes from the salt flats that the Venetians had here. The paths around the lake are ideal for observing the rich fauna that gathers in the waters of the lagoon. Above the lake dominate the ruins of the Castle of Oria.


Permanent Residents: 2,500

Athens Airport: 200km


Hospital: 10km (Kranidi)

Basic needs stores

Bank: 10km (Kranidi)


Modern boat marina

Modern golf course under construction

Ideal for

Vacation house


Real estate market

Ermioni, like the surrounding areas, offers an abundance of holiday homes in quiet locations, but at the same time very close to the beautiful beaches of the area and the nightlife of its center. Ermioni is an ideal destination for those who want to be close to the intense life of the area, but also have the opportunity to enjoy moments of calm and relaxation.

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