How competitive is the Greek Real Estate Market?
Of course, the answer to this question is not so simple, however the existing comparative data from other European countries can offer a general estimation as to what has been documented during the last decade & help us draw some conclusions.
According to a recent (14/1/2022) report from Eurostat regarding the prices of properties for sale or rent in Europe, all European countries noted major increases in terms of their real estate prices during the last decade (2011-2021).

Specifically, during the last decade, rent prices in the E.U. increased by an average 16%, while sale prices have increased by 39%. The biggest increase rates where noted in Estonia, where rent prices increased by 141% & sale prices by 162%.
During the same decade, real estate prices in Greece, according to the same Eurostat report, were decreased by 28% regarding rent prices & by 25% for sale prices.
In the table below, we can clearly notice that the country with the most important real estate price reduction during the last decade was Greece.

Today, the real estate market is at a pivotal point.
As we all know, we are going through a period when the prices of first or secondary need goods are increasing exponentially. Inevitably, these increases, combined with other factors, have begun to affect the real estate market.  This time Greece will not be an exception. All evidence shows that real estate prices in Greece are starting to rise & in the coming years they will be vastly different from what we know today.
In fact, in some areas of Greece real estate prices have risen so much, that they are reminiscent of the economic bubble of the year 2010. The Peloponnese has been documenting rising prices in the last year, but still does not belong to one of the aforementioned areas of Greece.
Consequently, the experts of the industry advise those who are considering investing in the real estate market of Greece, to act as soon as possible. The right time to take the next step & invest in a real estate property in Greece is today!

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