How can you maximize the value of your property?

There are many who believe that the internal or external condition of a property does not affect its sale, or rent. However, the truth is that there are certain smart tips that will help your property keep its value. Skouras Real Estate, representing over 1,300 properties, knows these smart tips to avoid the devaluation of your property.


Over time and with use, all properties develop small or large "problems". Some examples may be traces of humidity, broken switches or damaged mosquito screens. Generally, it is better to resolve such technical issues before a sale. After all, no one wants to buy a property and inherit its problems. The easiest, but at the same time very important tip is a paint job. A freshly painted property automatically creates the feeling of cleanliness and immediately creates a positive image for interested buyers.


The first impression is extremely important. Try and create a nice, welcoming atmosphere for the prospective buyer. The way to achieve this is fairly simple; light and fragrance. Open all the shutters of your home for the visit. It is very important that your home looks as bright as possible. There is nothing better than natural sunlight, to give a feeling of warmth to your house. Make sure there are no unpleasant odors in your space. This can be achieved with good ventilation or a few discreet space fragrances. Fresh flowers will also make your space beautiful, full of life and friendly.


Avoid placing personal objects in prominent places. Such objects can be frames with family photos, or drawings of your children on the fridge door. The spaces should not be loaded with too many objects and should rather create as much as possible the feeling of hospitality and simplicity of a good hotel.


Cleanliness is probably the most important step before presenting your home to a prospective buyer. All spaces, indoors & outdoors should always be carefully cleaned and tidied. The rooms that should definitely be sparkling clean are your kitchen and bathrooms.


Take care and renew the decoration of your home with smart and economical solutions. In a home for sale, it is always best to have a simple and maybe even neutral style of decoration. Avoid presenting a strictly personal style. A smart trick is to have many mirrors that will fill your space with light. Avoid having too many rugs and carpets. You can also add beautiful blankets in the bedrooms and fluffy towels in the bathrooms.
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