In Argolis life is good !!!
8 reasons why you should find your piece of heaven in Argolis.

It is certain that if you are looking for the perfect location, you will never find it. Each place has advantages as well as disadvantages. However, for those who seek the following features, Argolis and the Peloponnese in general is the ideal choice.


Greece is well known for its bright blue skies. In the Peloponnese, the region of Argolis has the highest number of sunny days throughout the year. There are no extreme temperatures and each different season transforms nature with its unique colors and beauty.


Mediterranean cuisine is the key to longevity. And what better way to taste nature's gifts than straight from your garden. The crystal clear sea will offer you the best fish & seafood and the local shepherds, the tastiest meat. The numerous tavernas & restaurants offer fresh and tasty food that will satisfy every connoisseur.


Sea, mountains, stone or green landscapes. Whatever you prefer, the Peloponnese in general and Argolis will move you. You will be able to enjoy a relaxing walk through the numerous trails covered in pine trees, shrubs and wild olive trees. And who said that swimming is only for summertime?


Contrary to large metropolis and tourist islands, here you can live every moment. The short distances between cities and villages allow you to create healthy habits and enjoy the beautiful nature and people. The notions of filotimo (which roughly translates to love for honesty) and filoxenia (meaning hospitality) reflect the greatness of the Greek spirit.


This is where Agamemnon, the king of Mycenae, ruler of the oldest town of Europe, Argos, and commander in chief of the Trojan War, lived his days. This is where you will get the chance to experience theatrical plays in the world famous, 13.000 seats, ancient theater of Epidaurus. This is where the first capital of the Modern Greek State was founded and where the Greek Flag was established as a national symbol for the first time.

6. 120 ΜΙΝ

You made your decision and came!
In contrast with other beautiful locations in Greece, and especially the islands, the Peloponnese, and particularly Argolis, is very easily accessible from the international airport of Athens. In just 2 hours you will be in the warmth of your own home.


Cultural activities, traditional festivals and music concerts give to each different area its own unique beauty. Festivals celebrating local produce and food like eggplant, pomegranates, honey, or the fisherman’s festival and so many more. Sports activities that one could enjoy on the mountains or at the sea like hiking, long distance marathon running, kitesurfing etc.


Whether you choose to live alone, or with your family, Argolis is one of the safest regions of Greece. Low crime rates, loving and friendly neighborhoods. Peace of mind and security will accompany your every day.
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