Acquiring a Real Estate Property during the Pandemic
During this new worldwide situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, our office finds and suggests solutions in order to make the legal procedure of acquiring a real estate property for someone who lives abroad and cannot physically visit the property in the immediate future, more effective.
Having initially contacted our clients from European countries and having understood the practical difficulties they are facing, we have planned with our legal and financial advisor a method of acquiring a real estate property without the financial dangers and risks and offering a solution to those who wish to buy their next property in Greece.

Why will someone benefit from this action?

First of all, Greece is going through a very good period with minimum cases of Coronavirus making it one of the safest choices for foreign visitors, as mentioned in a relevant article of the German newspaper Bild. Second, the prices of vacation properties, based on the property price index of our office and the company Spitogatos, are steadily rising during the last 3 years, which means that negotiation margins become increasingly tighter. Therefore, and after having evaluated the current situation, we believe that the purchase of the real estate property will be more profitable for someone today, instead of next year.

How can someone acquire a real estate property in Greece during the pandemic?

First, you can watch a presentation of the property you are interested in remotely and then reserve the property with no risk until it is once again allowed to travel from country to country. If you wish to receive more information, please fill in the form provided in the link below and will contact you as soon as possible and discuss the following steps.


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