Pierre Atoun
We bought an apartment (with two rooms) with Skouras 6 years ago… They took care of all the administrative procedures, and even proposed a French-speaking lawyer. They proved their professionalism and irrefutable skills, and always with a sense of kindness. No bad surprises: all costs (taxes, commissions) were clearly stated from the start and were respected afterwards. The apartment was such a hit with our family and friends, that is now too small for us all! So, we bought a house… with Skouras of course! And at this case, once again, they proved their efficiency, bringing in contact the seller and buyer, who in our case were two people coming from two different countries, with respect to everyone’s needs and obligations, and always with the same availability! Of course, once again, the prices mentioned in the beginning were respected, as were the deadlines. We appreciate their service, especially when we take into account all the time and the kilometers spent on our case, from the first visit until the final signature… and always with a smile! We will now sell our apartment, with absolute security and very happy to be ‘’working’’ with Skouras for the third time!

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